About Me

Writing an ‘About Me’ piece is one of the things I dread most in the whole wide world, besides having to reverse a car. So, I decided to do this in a simpler way, which is in a listicle form :

  • I am ardent fan of making lists. I read and write lists. Lists are bae.
  • I used to play Classical Indian violin ; my bow is all bald now.
  • I love reading.
  • I’d stammer if you put a gun on my head and asked me what my favourite book/movie/actor/place/colour is. I’d stammer even if I knew there were no bullets loaded.
  • I graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 2016 from that national oil related university somewhere in the north of Malaysia.
  • I work for an MNC that created Pichonkun.
  • I started blogging when I was 15 at  The World As to Thara.

Why The Rainbow Hat?                                                                                                     

Inspired by the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland (in no way I’m suggesting that I’m as quirky), I somehow related myself being a Rainbow Hatter. I could never settle down in a specific way of thinking. Sometimes I’m wise, other times I get fuzzy with emotions, most times I stand by whatever I’ve read. Hence, The Rainbow Hat which signifies multitute of perspectives.

In this space, I hope to share my tales and thoughts. Hope you enjoy reading my writings. 😀

Note : The ‘Backspace’ key on my laptop probably needs a painkiller as I finish typing this.

My signature head-tilt pose. Oh, did I mention about being hopeless in front of a camera in my list?