Why 2016 Became My Favourite Year?

It’s that time of the year when there’s plenty of reminiscing and memories-videos popping up on your social media feeds. As a self proclaimed word bum, it’s my utmost pleasure to help you spend your last day of the year reading this post, although you’re actually not bothered at all how my year went (heeee. Thank you for reading this though. Yes, you!).

So, 2016 tops my list of favourite years ever since I came into the world, kicking and crying (1994 is a close runner-up because I probably was a happier person when I slept 15-16 hours a day). Here a list (duhhh..) of why this year is my all-time favourite, some of the lil things, some of the major ones :

1. It’s been a good year for me academically. I scored my highest GPAs during my final year.

2. I graduated with my favourite set of people.

3. I read complete set of John Green’s (and while I could’ve bought the books in local bookstores, I had the books imported for me all the way from Goa and Sydney).

4. I also crossed another item from my bucket list (big shoutout to Keshy a.k.a Thenmoli, Seko and Lotus) – this should be left unelaborated.

5. I drove a car with no supervison beyond the boundaries of my taman. I then became the proud owner of red Cliff (everyone should name their car, no?)

6. Crossed another item on the bucket list, which is to purchase a blog domain.

7. I started with my first ever real job.

8. I had the best last days in campus, unexpectedly (thank you for relentlessly dragging me out of my room and driving me around, Keshy, Vimmy, Shaavesh, Vinod and everyone!)

9. It’s been two awesome years of Woofness.

10.  It’s been a year of plush toys gifts. I don’t remember having many plush toys as a kid. Now at the ripe age of 23, I find myself sleeping with a team of plushies. 

I am thankful for the beautiful memories this year gave me. Thank you to all souls who have been part of my happy journey in 2016. To all my kawans, who always have the kindest, most motivating words to tell me (you know who you are), lots of love to you.

Let us all look forward to a better 2017. Wishing all my readers the best of everything and strength to face every challenge that life has in store for you. 😀


Gingerly Heaven – Teh Halia Titiwangsa

While the Malaysian hipster café scenes are becoming increasingly famous and Instagram worthy, there are old-fashioned, simple hawker stalls that still attract many customers. One such hidden gem is Teh Halia Titiwangsa, which is a little tea stall located in Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur. My father used to bring me here whenever we had to run errands around the area. He’s been a satisfied customer of this stall since his early working days.

It is an understatement to say that this stall serves the tastiest ginger tea in Malaysia for only RM 2.70 per cup. Its owner, Subramaniam Govindapillai, better known as Uncle Subra, has been serving his special ginger tea for about 28 years now.

Uncle Subra single-handedly brews every cup of tea that’s ordered in this stall.

Besides its famous teh halia which is an absolute pleasure to one’s senses, the stall also serves assorted Malaysian teatime delights such as curry puffs, nasi lemak and pulut panggang (grilled glutinous rice in banana leaves).  These snacks are perfect compliments for the spicy hot ginger tea which is brewed to perfection. I prefer having my cup of ginger tea with plain bun dipped.

Memories from childhood, no? Plain bun dipped in hot drink.

Unlce Subra says he uses about 300 kg of ginger on monthly basis. Besides serving his loyal customers, he also receives orders for different events around Kuala Lumpur, sometimes up to 5000 cups. Despite being in the business for many years, Uncle Subra has not put up any signboards for the stall. He solely depends on the reputation of his tea and recommendations of his always satisfied patrons.

Another special element of the stall is its setting that encourages people to make conversations and forge new friendships over a cup of spicy ginger tea. If you are up for a change of setting from the oh-s0-famous cafes, or looking for a place to have a classic teh tarik session, this is the place to go.

Teh Halia Titiwangsa operates daily from 2.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m., only closes for Deepavali.

Caution : Be ready to brace the hot Sun if you intend to go around 3-5 p.m. 

Location on Google Maps : Lorong Titiwangsa 5, Jalan Pahang, Titiwangsa 

This article was originally written as submission for The Star’s 45@45 Giveaway contest. 

Rainbow Hat Rises

You guys! I made it! After what seems like a coon’s age, I finally upgraded to blogging on my own domain. Damn, it even feels good type that out.

I first started blogging out of boredom whilst waiting for my public examination results when I was 15. It all started off with day-to-day rants, high school dramas and immature whining. I have since reformed into other things *clears throat* , hopefully for the better. This year has been very eventful and memorable, so I thought this too shall get in the long list of 2016 memories. I finally decided on a domain, a new concept and have been indecisively changing the design of this blog for weeks now.

I would like to thank every person who has ever read (extra love for your likes and shares) my posts on The World As To Thara , my friends who have always be too kind, my person who almost always as excited as I am about my blog posts, my sister for almost always identifying errors and keeping me on my toes linguistically,  and my parents for having to deal with my numerous design failures.

Here’s to a new beginning. And may the writer’s block stay far far far away.

P/s : I would be thrilled if you subscribed! 😀