5 Things to Expect This Diwali

I had just finished a meeting at 5.15-ish on Friday evening, when almost all the bosses rushed out of the Conference Room, speaking of kacang putih. No, you did not read that wrongly, it IS kacang putih. If that wasn’t weird enough, at 5.30 p.m, our PA system blasted Naan Siritthal Deepavali. At this moment, I had simply wanted to bury my head somewhere (you would too, if only you have the lyrics figured). The Little Thara in me finally kicked out of slumber, feeling all excited. It’s Diwali in a few days!

So, what more apt than a blog post to kick start the beginning of the festive feels. Here’s a list of things you should/could expect this Diwali :

1. Deepavali versus Diwali

As a matter of fact, this is something you could expect every single time. Deepavali OR Diwali? It’s fine either way, guys. Although since Primary 1, we were all taught that it’s Deepavali, Diwali is fine too. It’s just the same with colour and color, British vs Americans. In our case here, South Indians vs North Indians. Blehhh..

2.  The Muthusamy Karrupiah Ad

Ever since Petronas came up with this advertisement, it has been one of our favourites of all Deepavali ads. Years passed, and yet, this advertisement always creeps out of hiding to entertain us all during Diwali celebration season. No doubt, you’d also see it again this year. Do me a favour, will you? Don’t just scroll down if it appears on timeline, watch it once again, okay? Because sometimes, we all need a reminder to be proud of who we are.

Once, the most popular Paati on TV.

3. Jimki Kammal Themed Boomerangs OR Pictures

I’d even bet my fat tummy on this, that you’ll definitely see at least one (or more) Jimki Kammal themed boomerangs/pictures on your social media. As much as jimkis or jhumkas have been worn over decades/centuries ago, it’s only after this year’s Onam, this piece of accessory gained immense popularity (it might even be popular than some of our representatives in parliament). God bless all good souls who are about to be victimised to get just the right Boomerangs this Diwali.

I’d better start practising the head move before the big day.

If you’re one of those katak di bawah tempurung who has no clue at all about what’s this even about, just please! It’s a catchy song, which is in trend. *hint hint*  You should watch one of the many versions, but this is the original version here.

4. Food in Hall

If your mother has attended the Indian Amma’s Convention (most likely, she has) , food in the living area is a big No-No. The only time where you get to keep the snacks within reach of the comfy couch is during Diwali. You get to munch on your favourite Diwali snacks, while watching the many shows on television. This could even go on for a week if you’re lucky.

While Amma worries about crumbs on carpet..

5. Noisy Nights and Free Fireworks 

It’s apparently a tradition these days to have fireworks during Deepavali. I don’t remember seeing so many fireworks going at once as a child. It’s rarity back then when fireworks were only for Hari Merdeka and New Year’s Eve. These days, my father doesn’t purchase even the smaller firecrackers. We simply grew out of it, I guess. So, for a few years now, I just go to my parents’ room and watch fireworks from the entire area. It feels magical for the first 10 minutes, then it gets slightly louder. By the time it’s 1.30 a.m, I consider calling the police to whistle-blow on my neighbours. Psssss.. It also causes air pollution.

As much as I’m heartbroken about thinking of my not-so prosperous angpau collection this year (apparently working adults who are still kids at heart do not deserve money packets), I’m still as excited. For the food, and simply the joy of festivities.

Happy Deepavali to all! May this Festival of Lights bring you all glimmer and shimmer that you need in life. ❤

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