Rainbow Hat Rises

You guys! I made it! After what seems like a coon’s age, I finally upgraded to blogging on my own domain. Damn, it even feels good type that out.

I first started blogging out of boredom whilst waiting for my public examination results when I was 15. It all started off with day-to-day rants, high school dramas and immature whining. I have since reformed into other things *clears throat* , hopefully for the better. This year has been very eventful and memorable, so I thought this too shall get in the long list of 2016 memories. I finally decided on a domain, a new concept and have been indecisively changing the design of this blog for weeks now.

I would like to thank every person who has ever read (extra love for your likes and shares) my posts on The World As To Thara , my friends who have always be too kind, my person who almost always as excited as I am about my blog posts, my sister for almost always identifying errors and keeping me on my toes linguistically,  and my parents for having to deal with my numerous design failures.

Here’s to a new beginning. And may the writer’s block stay far far far away.

P/s : I would be thrilled if you subscribed! 😀

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